Thursday, April 16, 2015

There is no more. Deal with it.

I find editorials about library building projects very interesting. Here is one from Chester, CT.

Chester really, really needs a new library, kind of

We live in a very special place. Many of us would love a new library. But, we need to be careful not to become a place that defines itself by what it doesn’t have. A few years ago, as a member of our Planning and Zoning Commission, I participated in a “Charette,” a fancy name for public meetings held in advance of preparing the Plan of Conservation and Development. I remember one resident commented that she loved our little downtown. But, she added, when she brought her friends from (insert name of Fairfield County town here……..) to Chester, they always seemed disappointed that there wasn’t “more.” Somehow, I was able to keep my mouth shut, but I thought about proposing new signage at either side of downtown: “There is no more. Deal with it.”

Full editorial here: Chester really, really needs a new library, kind of

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